Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

Out of Africa

Karen Blixen
1885 - 1962

" When I was a young girl, it was very far from my thoughts to go to Africa, nor did I dream then that an African Farm should be the place in which I should be perfectly happy."
Karen Blixen

Karen Blixen went to Kenya in 1914 to run a coffee-farm; its failure in 1931 caused her to return to Denmark where she wrote this classic account of her experiences. Out of Africa is a celebration of her life there; her friendship with the various peoples of the area and her sympathetic response to the landscape and animals are drawn warmth and unusual clarity. Although the book is pervaded by her sense of loss, Karen Blixen looks back eith an unsentimental intelligence to portray a way of life that is now gone forever.

" A work of sincere power .... a fine lyrical study of life in East Africa"
Harold Nicolson, Daily Telegraph

"Out of Africa ia an authentic pastoral, perhaps the best prose pastoral of our time"
Robert Langbaum

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